In 2022, Saskatchewan RCMP received approximately 818 reports of thefts of fuel. This is either diesel or gas, which is an increase of approximately 70% when compared to 2021.

Jessica Murphy, Saskatchewan RCMP Media Relations Officer, said that these reports were received from all across the province and included people fueling up a vehicle at a service station and leaving without paying. 

Murphy said the reason they wanted to get this message out, "was to reinforce the need to encourage people to take the following steps to help prevent fuel thefts, either at their own residence, at the gas station, or within their own businesses."

She said some of those steps include: locking your privately owned fuel tanks and ensuring that they are located in an area that is well lit, and setting up video or photo surveillance in areas where you may have a privately owned fuel tank.

If possible, parking your vehicle in a locked garage or outbuilding or park in a well lit, frequently traveled location. Parking with your fuel door facing a frequently traveled road to make sure that there's eyes on your vehicle, and if possible, not parking in one area or leaving a vehicle unattended for an extended period of time. 

Other tips, she continued, include activating your vehicle alarm if you have one, when leaving your vehicle unattended, and of course, reporting any suspicious activity to police, even if it doesn't involve your own vehicle. 

"If you see any suspicious activity like that, report it to police immediately." 

Murphy added that she wanted to drive home the importance of people reporting fuel thefts, because "fuel is impossible for us to trace, and this can be considered an underreported crime, but one that is still very important for us to be aware of so we can identify these hotspots and make sure that we take the steps needed to address this issue and help reduce the amount of thefts that are occurring across the province."