You might've seen a pickup truck driving around Estevan throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Win or lose, the truck rips around the city flying the orange and blue as proud as ever. For some time, hockey fans and regular drivers throughout the community have been curious as to who has this much passion for the team.

Well, we found him. 

Meet Taylor Shulda. He could very well be the biggest Edmonton Oilers fan we can find in southeast Saskatchewan. 

"I've been doing it for the past three playoff runs. Can't call them all runs, but this is definitely a run, so the flags are here to stay. It's definitely become a tradition. I got two boys - one's turning 5 and the other ones one. [My] five-year-old, he loves doing it with me every year. 'Get the flags up, dad! Let's go!'. They love it. I love it. And I'm passing the torch on to them too."

He shared that he's seen mostly positive reactions to his flags, accompanied with people honking their horn and thumbs up. A lady even picked up his bill at the Tim Hortons drive-thru recently. "There's so much positive that has come out of me riding with the flags around in the truck," Shulda added.  

Taylor's love for the NHL team started with his dad. He expressed that the only reason he and his family are as big of an Oilers family as they are is because of him. His father passed away in 2013. Shulda noted that he's been doing trips to Edmonton to watch the game with his family in his dad's memory.

"My dad, we'd watch games together all the time. Those are like my fondest memories as a kid watching those games -and those are very important games too when I was little."

"Just the way I am with my sons now. You know, I've got this passion just oozing out of me like I can't even control it. Some people think I'm nuts because I don't miss a game ever for nothing, essentially. So, [I] got flags out in my truck. I don't really do it for attention. It's just that's what it is; family, Oilers and [the] oilfield - that's it. So, I live and breathe it."

VIDEO: Meet Taylor Shulda: the biggest Edmonton Oilers Fan in Southeast Saskatchewan

There are some notable names that are attached with the Oilers: Wayne Gretzky, Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, etc. While this could be an opportunity for the last two to get their first Stanley Cup, there's two people on Taylor's mind that the Oilers are sure to be rallying around: Ben Stelter and Joey Moss. 

Ben Stelter was an Edmonton kid who was diagnosed at the age of six with glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. His spirit, resilience, and undying love for the Edmonton Oilers captured the hearts of every hockey player and fan throughout the league, even after his passing in 2022. Joey Moss was a former locker room attendant with the organization who had Down syndrome. Taylor feels that the Oilers are playing for both of them. 

Today, Shulda is driving around with Oilers memorabilia in his truck while the team's flags fly proudly on the rear. A slice of Edmonton, 10 hours away, in southeast Saskatchewan. The puck drops on Game 1 of the Finals at 6pm tonight. He'll be watching the game with his family and, just like most Canadian hockey fans, is hoping this is the year that the Stanley Cup comes home to Canada.