Charges stack up against Eastend's Benjamin Martin Moore as Saskatchewan RCMP continues their investigation.

Moore, who became a focal point of RCMP efforts in early August after an amber alert was released involving his common-law partner's children, has had further charges placed upon him this afternoon.

Saskatchewan and Shaunanvon RCMP found three crossbows as well as multiple arrows and arrowheads in his Eastend residence.

Sask. RCMP investigators have charged Moore with one count of breach of a weapons prohibition order. This is alongside another charge being pressed against Moore, being that he failed to report information to the registration centre within seven days after a change of main or secondary residence, as required by the sex offender information registration act.

Moore is currently in custody in the United States after he was apprehended near Sturgis, South Dakota, after having crossed the border illegally back in August. The children, a seven-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, were recovered safely by law enforcement officers during the arrest.

The extradition of Moore to Canada from the United States is not being considered at this time, as there are currently investigations going on both in Canada and the United States.