The weekend will be bringing in some rain to the southeast, with a system set for a few days of moisture.

Chill and rain are coming after what was a warm and dry fall, which was preceded by an even dryer summer.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains the system and just where it's coming from.

"There's a low-pressure system that's forming in the northern plains of the United States and that will start spreading some rain into the area, probably late in the day on Saturday and continuing through Sunday, maybe even into Monday."

It's unlikely it'll be the quenching that many farmers are looking for following a dryer growing season.

"Doesn't look like too much in the way of accumulation or anything like that," said Lang, "Just because it looks to be a light rain. May see some Thunder showers thrown in there too, just for good measure just because the air down there associated with the system is a little bit warm."

Temperatures will go down as the weekend closes down, with the last bit of the storm on Monday getting chillier.

"We will see the temperatures really start to kind of come down, not be certainly as warm as we've seen and the wind will come up as well," said Lang, "So a little bit of a stormy weekend."

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