Canadian talents Wes Barker and Simon King bring a unique blend of comedy and magic to the Orpheum Theatre tonight, promising a night of laughter and amazement for the audience.

“We're always excited to go to a new place we’ve never had a chance to go to before. And one of the things we wanted to do with this show was bring it to places that maybe people don't normally get things like this or would have to drive a long way to get things like this,” said King.

The show features King's rapid-fire stand-up comedy and impressions, while Barker presents comedy magic.

“Which is getting some people on stage and doing some tricks with them, teaching a couple of tricks, doing some stunts, some really physical stuff, and being funny the whole way through,” explained Barker. “It's really a package deal you can't get anywhere else; you'd have to go to three separate shows to see the kind of content we're bringing in all in one.”

King expressed his enthusiasm for working with Barker on these comedy magic shows, saying, “We’ve been touring a lot and it's really nice to take a break from touring my own full show hour to work with Wes on these comedy magic shows, which are a really cool experience. It's a lot of fun.”

Barker added that they have done the show coast to coast, and King’s comedy still has him laughing after hundreds of shows together.

King draws inspiration from comedians like Robin Williams and George Carlin, blending energetic delivery with thoughtful subject matter.

King shared his special connection with Robin Williams after meeting him in Vancouver in 2006. He reminisced about inviting Williams to one of his comedy shows, which was canceled due to lack of attendance. Williams promised to return another time, and two weeks later, he came back and saw King perform.

King noted that although they weren’t necessarily friends, he cherished the few interactions he had with Williams. “When people ask me what he was like, I always say he’s everything you wanted him to be. He was very giving, very kind and yeah, he was a very special.”

For the past 13 years, Barker has been working full-time in the entertainment industry. He has been featured on 'America's Got Talent' and 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us,' where he became one of the first ten people to fool the magic duo.

Barker expressed his satisfaction with his career: “When people say living their dream, I’m literally living my dream and I get to just get to travel around, share with people and it’s the best thing ever.”

King said that while he drew inspiration from Williams as a comic, he has grown his skillset and can tackle heavy subject matter in a funny way.

“I think that there is something for everybody and that it definitely isn’t something offered particularly in the Canadian Market,” said King.