Despite a push for improvements to the Roche Percee access road, a project is not imminent.

Estevan city councillor Lindsay Clark, who is also on the Southeast Transportation Planning Committee, said the City sent its support to the committee, which presented it to the province's ministry of highways.

"As of now there's no plan to do any updates on that road," said Clark. "I think it needs to be moved ahead. And I think where the next step will be, they'll need the support from the provincial government to move it ahead on the list."

Clark said a partnership involving multiple levels of government, economic development incentives, or tourism initiatives could help move it forward.

"It's the main access to the community," he said. "It's kind of where they've always egressed out of the community. It's also where we're always talking about bringing tourism in, it's a great little tourist area where people pull off the road to see that."

The Southeast Transportation Planning Committee's stated goal is "to improve passenger and freight on the provincial transportation system serving southeast Saskatchewan."

Clark said it works to relay information to the province about the state of the roads, and economic developments on the horizon that could spark the province's interest in investing in associated transportation corridors.

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