Snow piles across the city managed to get stacked up to some astounding heights this winter, creating an attractive place to play for many kids.

Those, along with other areas that are worked on by the city, might seem fun to play on but can have some unexpected dangers.

Norm Mack, the Roads and Drainage Manager for Estevan, says crews tend to have a presence around those and watch for kids, but anything can happen.

"Our fear is on public property, they're building forts or are tunneling. There's equipment in those areas and I know that our men are told to check everything they push or blow for tunneling or forts, it's very very wise for your children to play within their own yard if they're building snow forts or igloos or whatever."

Below is a chart of where those snow piles are established in the cities, so people know which ones are worked on by city crews.

city page on snow piles

Mack says there are a few places where kids can play in the snow without any risk regarding city crews.

"Within the confines of their own yard, a lot of times equipment doesn't go onto schoolyards so perhaps a school yard might be a safe place to play, that's enclosed by a fence. Anywhere there's not going to be any major pieces of equipment around would be the safest place to play."