UPDATE: SaskPower rescheduled an outage for the Griffin area to next Wednesday due to the cold.

The Carievale-area outage planned for Thursday is expected to be completed within an hour, according to SaskPower spokesperson, Scott McGregor.

McGregor said they were planning on doing work in the Carievale area on Wednesday and Thursday, but are instead doing it all Thursday with an additional crew on scene.

It's wise to be prepared for power outages year-round. But residents in the far southeast corner of Saskatchewan will have some added incentive to keep extra blankets on hand Thursday.

SaskPower has a planned outage from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. affecting residents in the village and in rural areas to its south, meaning furnaces are liable to shut off.

That will coincide with temperatures below -20 C, and wind-chill values around -30 to -40.

SaskPower had planned an outage for the Griffin area on Wednesday, but pushed it back to February 28. The Crown corporation did not indicate why that outage was rescheduled.

There are ways to keep your heating bill down in the extreme cold (other than having your furnace turn off). Check this story for the cost-saving tips.