I can file this as .."I wish I thought of it"


Yes Please!

A quest that began at the beginning of January for Auburn
University students Ryan Leander and Michael Wekall finally wrapped
up with a hug and a kiss on the cheek wednesday from Taylor Swift.

 Leander and Wekall created a website called ahugfromtaylorswift.com
to announce their desires to get a hug from the superstar.
They posted blogs and videos to support their cause.

Taylor responded telling the guys that she would send them an e-mail .
 A message showed up on ahugfromtaylorswift.com after that saying,
 "The Mission: Everyone at Auburn University: Come to Auburn Hotel Auditorium
at 2 O'Clock To Sing Karaoke. 'You Belong With Me.' Receive a hug from the
 beautiful blonde country star herself

A crowd of students gathered at 2pm and dutifully sang to a karaoke video
set up on a big screen, which was interrupted by of Taylor herself
thanking the crowd for participating in the "largest group karaoke sing of
'You Belong With Me.....Wow, I really wish I thought of that !!

Here's a look at what happened at Auburn University .
Scroll to 3:35 for Taylor's appearance:

One day Taylor I will concoct a crazy scheme to meet you......until then
a boy can dream!

You're Pal