A winter storm is on the way to Southeast Saskatchewan, likely bringing a large quantity of snow in from the United States.

That storm is set to begin tomorrow, though there is a chance for a small amount of snow today.

Temperatures will also fall firmly below the freezing point, meaning a build-up of snow is to be expected.

Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Fulton says that it'll be preceded by lighter snow falling today.

"Just looking at flurries, for today anyway, we're looking at scattered flurries. There are some flurries on the radar, kind of moving through moose Jaw or Regina. We're not expecting any accumulations of note out of those."

The winter storm proper is only expected to begin tomorrow afternoon, with a good chance of snow starting things off.

"For tomorrow the chance of snow in the afternoon is actually the storm," said Fulton, "It'll either come in the late afternoon or the evening."

That April snow is somewhat predictable, as a pair of ingredients from above and below Canada are mixing to create it.

"It's a crapshoot, basically. This is the time of year when there's still lots of cold air in the artic but we're still getting lots of moisture building up in the united states," said Fulton, "If the storms can tap both of those ingredients at once, they can result in some pretty impressive snowstorms."

Fulton says that the storm incoming is comparable to the one that was present last week in the Southwest, causing power outages that are still being repaired.

"Do not plan to travel - this storm has the potential to be the worst blizzard in decades," said Environment Canada in their weather statement. "Stock up on needed supplies and medications now. Power outages are likely, rural areas in particular should be prepared for extended outages."