A Saskatchewan woman is raising concerns over the province's response to abuse allegations at a private school in Saskatoon.

Caitlin Erickson, who lives north of Saskatoon, previously came forward to police about abuse at Legacy Christian Academy.

"We've been able to see that there are some significant gaps in the regulating of these types of schools," said Erickson. "They are operating with very little oversight and being given a significant amount of public funds."

"There's lots and lots of students who have come forward at this point...just the fact that the government has just really failed to acknowledge us - it's been over a month now - is really disheartening and actually re-traumatizing for a lot of people," she said.

Minister of Education Dustin Duncan responded to the criticism earlier this summer. He said there would be additional oversight put into all independent schools in Saskatchewan.

"We want to ensure that students are in a safe place, and that students are safe in the schools that they're attending," Duncan said. "I'm comfortable with the steps that the government has taken, that the province has taken."

"The fact that we have appointed administrators to go into these schools, to provide for that direct oversight of the schools, to provide for increased oversight through the administrator, through additional inspections, and the ability to put a school on probation if necessary," he said.

"Obviously this has already resulted in one of the schools being closed. So we've taken significant action. And if we have to, I'm prepared to do more."

Erickson said she doesn't think these private religious schools should even exist anymore.

"My personal belief is I don't think there's a place in society for them, for me personally," she said. "I think children should be able to go to school and get a proper education without being indoctrinated."

Duncan said he plans to meet with the alleged abuse victims. Erickson said they are still waiting for this meeting to take place.