The provincial government has proclaimed this upcoming Sunday as World Suicide Prevention Day.

It's meant to give people a reminder of how they can help those who may be struggling mentally.

Elizabeth Lambe, a FIRST counselor with Envision Counseling Services, details how best to take care of mental health when dealing with suicidal thoughts.

"Some things that I would suggest, and that our agency would offer, would be ensuring that you're staying connected to your family and friends, being aware of your own thoughts, and being open and vulnerable to share those thoughts with others. We all need to be able to lean on someone and reaching out to anyone, someone that you trust when you have those feelings, is really important."

Lambe also recommends that people keep an eye out for friends and family members and check for signs.

Help is also available both from community organizations such as Envisoon and at the provincial level.

"There is absolutely help available, and our agency can offer support to individuals who are experiencing these types of things. There's also the suicide prevention line."

That includes a service that can be accessed by any resident of the province to set up a counselling session.

"We have a great service here in Saskatchewan that is the Counseling Connect Sask website. It'll come up as a website that anyone can book a rapid access counseling session online for themselves and it's available to anyone who's a resident of Saskatchewan, so that's definitely an option that we would encourage."

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