A non-profit is looking for some support from the community of Estevan, with a few pop-up stores appearing in the community this week.

Woven International is an organization focused on helping women in Southeast Asia who have survived human trafficking, by providing them with shelter and employment opportunities.

Jacqueline Peeace is leading the organization's efforts here in Estevan, looking to sell some of the jewelry that the group has made.

She says that the jewelry was initially a therapeutic method that has since grown into a way for the organization to sustain itself.

"We have four safe homes, and we have safe work businesses specifically here for the girls, one of which is a jewelry program," said Peeace, "So it started as a therapy about 10 years ago, and the girls fell in love with it, people were really impressed by how good the quality was, so we started selling it all over the world."

Peeace says that Estevan is one of the best places for her to fundraise, due to the community's generosity and her own connection to the city.

"I am so thankful for all the support for Woven, I grew up in Estevan, and the Estevan community has always really come through for our project and for myself," said Peeace, "I just wanted to say thank you because this community is very generous and it is very passionate about supporting local and supporting organizations that do good work like this."

One point that Peeace brought up to help not only Woven but other initiatives related to exploitation, was to consider what your money is being spent on.

"I think we forget how much power our purchases have here in Canada because we kind of don't think about it, we just go to the mall and buy a shirt or buy earrings," said Peeace, "But I think sometimes we forget that there are people behind those products."

If you'd like to support Woven, there will be a shop set up at the Estevan Alliance Church Thursday morning from 9:30 until 12.

There will also be a pop-up shop at Micheal's coffee shop on Friday from 1 PM to 8 PM.

There may also be another shop set up at the Estevan Alliance Church next week, though Peeace says that's yet to be determined.