Edward Abbey once said, "Life without music would be an intolerable insult". There are so many great things that music can bring to our lives. It can be your company on a long drive, a source of pride through mastering an instrument, and a way to bring people together, despite whatever differences they may have. 

On Monday, January 29th, people in the southeast will have a chance to share their love of music at the St. John the Baptist Parish Hall for a monthly event called Make Music With Friends.

Do you play a musical instrument and like meeting interesting people?

Do you like to get together and play along with others?

Enjoy the spontaneous musical collaboration of a Jam Session!

Fun, free, and entertaining. Call 306-421-7538 for further information or just show up with your gear!

Musicians, singers, dancers, and guests are all welcome to attend.

Light refreshments will be served.