The United We Roll Convoy has returned to the west and the workers in the industry are returning to their jobs. Lessons were learned from both sides of the argument about bringing the pipelines into the western provinces in support of the oil industry, and thus many other industries in Canada. For those out east, the lesson was about the passion of the people living out west who want the pipelines. For those out west however, the lesson came when the found that the country is not quite as divided as you might think,

"I had that same thought until we went on this convoy across Canada," says local man Jason LeBlanc, who made the trip across the country to join the convoy. "You see that the people of Ontario, they are totally in favour of building the pipeline and getting some common sense back in the government. It's just a little bit of the urbanites that aren't educated in this and don't get out of the city centres to realize how important this is."

LeBlanc has made his opinions towards the pipeline known on a few different occasions, whether it be protests in city hall or in the open house that Prime Minister Trudeau made at the end of 2018, and made his way out to Ottawa once more to do the same. While many of the speakers that came out to Parliament Hill were M.P.s or federal officials, and LeBlanc was one of the few that was able to get to the podium to speak.

"What I'm against in the carbon tax is that it will never stop increasing. This tax will rise every year and our Prime Minister has signed us on to unrealistic targets in those Paris Climate Accords. If all industries stopped producing, coal, oil, energy sectors, if everything stopped dead, it could never be the same, the targets could not be achieved."

While many of the voices being heard are of course the oil workers, there's many other industries backing them as well including the agriculture industry. While many were not able to make their way out due to calving season or grain hauling before the road bans opened up, and LeBlanc was adamant to make sure that voice made its presence in front of congress as well.

"The oil industry could not survive without the agriculture. What I mean by that is if the agriculture producers didn't sign the leases to allow the drilling to take place, there would be no oil industry. It works back and forth, we can't seed a crop without the refined fuel products based on the oil and the couldn't drill the oil if the agriculture producers didn't cooperate. It's a two way street and we've had a great industry going back and forth for many years and that's why it's very important that we keep this going."

One thing that LeBlanc found surprising was the media coverage out east. While the majority of the action in person revolved around the protests, the convoy, the speakers who came to voice their concerns, the cameras were pointed in another direction.

"We witnessed it with our own eyes, we saw the cameras recording and trying to get us to say racial comments, that's what their purpose was, to try and tear apart this convoy when the convoy was to stay united. I feel a hundred times better now than I did before. We hit a home run with this one, it really did bring people out of the woodwork and we're happy."



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