Last week, the provincial government announced that they would be signing on to the $10 a day child care agreement that had been accepted by other provinces in the country.

Included in the program are plans to halve the amount spent by families on child care by half in 2022, and the creation of 28,000 new regulated child care spaces across the province.

The agreement has $1.1 billion dollars earmarked for these centers, which will serve communities all across Saskatchewan.

Oxbow Community Child Care is an example of what the completed centers may look like, offering early education services to young families in the area.

Christena Vellacott, a member of the board of directors, says that she's excited following the announcement.

"That's honestly something that's so exciting for all of us because childcare can get expensive especially if you have more than one child, but sometimes it's not even worth going into the workforce because all of your paycheque goes towards childcare, so having affordable childcare with educated leaders through ECE - early childhood education - would really help to establish a great background for school with your children while also providing cheap childcare," said Vellacott, "That's really valuable to your child's future."

Some of the plans, such as creating more daycare centers, are a good step according to Vellacott.

"Oxbow Child Care Center is one of the only certified childcare centers in our area of Oxbow," said Vellacott, "So there are quite a few people like I know there are some people from Arcola who are bringing their kids to Oxbow, we're in Alameda and we bring our child to Oxbow, so there's not quite enough child care centers right now."

"I think that it would be really beneficial just again because of being in the workforce as a working mom you need to find something that is accessible for you and your family," said Vellacott, "If you have one child you're paying between six and nine hundred dollars a month depending on where your childcare is, and if you have another child that might be your entire paycheque for the month. So having that 10 a day child care will really help to allow you to be a part of your workforce and be putting forth your effort into society."

The Oxbow Child Care Center has a bit of a problem right now - Vellacott says they're looking for new employees.

"We have a really awesome director of our education center, and she is super great to work for, she is super boisterous and entertaining, and we really enjoy sending our kids to the child care center. She's really in need of employees right now. We've put a few posts out on Facebook right now and a few job opportunity websites. We're just looking for a few more excited people who are looking to work in the early childhood education field."