Have an unwanted hunting rifle laying around? How about a set of antlers that are taking up room or fishing equipment that’s collecting dust?  

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation will take them off your hands for its Guns for Habitat and Antlers for Habitat programs.  

“With the antlers, we take them and we turn around and sell them, and then we use that money to purchase wildlife habitat and then the program kind of works similar for the firearms,” said SWF Director of Habitat Lands Darren Newberry.   

“We will take the non-restricted firearms and clean them up and then get them ready and then we turn around and sell them in our different fundraising auctions and dinners.”  

The program isn’t just limited to guns and antlers. They will also accept used hunting and fishing equipment.  

The Guns for Habitat and Antlers for Habitat programs have run for over 20 years and have raised over $270,000. With matching funding, the SWF says that number quadruples.  

“We take that money and then we match it with some of our own funding and the funding that we get through the branches. We also receive some other monies that we add to that. We can take that money and quadruple it because the price of land is certainly going up,” Newberry said.  

Newberry noted that firearms must be non-restricted. He said the SWF would be more than happy to help donors if there are any issues transferring over the ownership of the guns.  

If you would like to donate, you can arrange to have items picked up by the Estevan Wildlife Foundation. Donations are collected year-round.