Extreme Southern Impact Arm Wrestling had a packed house at their Armageddon Arm Wrestling Tournament on the weekend.  

65 competitors from across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba braved the winter storm to compete in the tournament on Saturday. 135 spectators came to cheer on the competitors at the curling rink.  

Extreme Southern Impact Arm Wrestling is part of the Saskatchewan Arm Wrestling Association, explained Desiree Da Silva, the event organizer.  

Participants were categorized by age, gender, and weight class, with the tournament adopting a double-elimination format where two losses meant elimination. 

“Then you just play out, however many people are competing in each weight class,” said Da Silva.  

She added that she was excited by the turnout at the event and noted that this was the first time it had been held in the southeast in nearly two decades.  

“The community was very, very supportive. We actually got a lot of support and sponsors from our local community,” said Da Silva.  

Da Silva said that they plan on continuing the event and hope to make it an annual tournament. 

First-place winners in each category received $60 a medal and a shirt, second place received $40 and a medal, third place received $25 and a medal. The youth competitors all received trophies.  

Da Silva said that arm wrestling practices are held on Wednesday nights, and anyone is welcome to join the group.  

Emphasizing inclusivity, she stressed that age or experience level is not a barrier to participation, encouraging all interested individuals to become part of their vibrant arm-wrestling community.