The lines are set. The matchup has been finalized. The Big Six Finals are ready to wow the Southeast. 

Yet another season of senior hockey is drawing to a close soon, with the Redvers Rockets fighting the Moosomin Rangers for the championship title. 

"Well, I think it should go to 5 games. I'm hoping that the rinks are gonna be packed, you know. Both teams are sounding pretty healthy going into this series, and that would be a big key. Redvers is playing [also] Provincials - still could be a little bit of a factor, playing a little bit more hockey than Moosomin, but it could benefit them too," shared League President Craig Barber. 

The road was tough to get to the finals for both teams, but there are only 3 (or a possible five) games left to determine who gets the title.

  • Game 1: Friday, March 15 - Moosomin @ Redvers 
  • Game 2: Thursday, March 21 - Redvers @ Moosomin
  • Game 3: Monday, March 25 - Moosomin @ Redvers
  • Game 4*: Wednesday, March 27 - Redvers @ Moosomin
  • Game 5*: Thursday, March 28 - Moosomin @ Redvers

* = if necessary

All games start at 8:00pm

Redvers had a tough matchup in the Carnduff Red Devils leading up to the Finals. While the Rockets were able to pull out a win in their first two games in the series and were close to sweeping, the Red Devils didn't go down without a fight. In a hard-fought bout, Carnduff was able to force a Game 4 after managing to win in double overtime on March 6th. However, Redvers was able to dominate to end the Red Devils' playoff run. 

Moosomin's path to the Finals wasn't smooth sailing either. Carlyle Cougars proved to be a tough contest to get past. After getting the Cougars in Game 1 with a wider gap of 5-3, Carlyle had a valiant effort. Moosomin ultimately won Games 2 and 3 with both ending in overtime. Though it was a slim margin, the Rangers managed to sweep their series. 

"Each team has a top line that it's going to be very hard to stop. Goaltending is going to be a key to the series. I think whichever team's goalie can be hot coming in could end up stealing a game here and there and making the difference," Barber added. 

In the case of Redvers, scheduling could also be a factor in their game. Currently, they're in the middle of a series against the Foam Lake Flyers for the SHA Senior D South Final - and it's taking place right in the middle of the Big Six Finals. 

Barber stressed another key to winning the championship title. 

"[For] both teams, the depth is going to be the key to the series. So, if you can keep guys fresh all game, if you have to shorten your bench of injuries, or commitments of guys can't make it, or stuff like that, I think that'll be the key to the series. Which team can roll the lines and keep guys fresh will be the key to win in the series."