A number of southeast highways that were closed or advised against travelling upon are being listed under the “winter conditions exist” status on the province’s Highway Hotline.

Highways 39 and 47 were under the “winter conditions exist” category by 6 p.m. Saturday, with drifting snow still being reported in both locations.

You can check the latest highway conditions here.

The City of Estevan is asking you to stay put, as a blizzard continues to wreak havoc on southeastern Saskatchewan.

"City crews are out monitoring the snowfall and blizzard conditions," said a statement from the City Saturday morning.

"At this time, it is advised to stay home due to lack of visibility and large drifts making many roads plugged. Crews will remain on patrol monitoring conditions and will commence snow removal where it is needed and possible as this storm continues."

Most highways are closed across southeastern Saskatchewan. The Highway Hotline is reporting drifting snow and zero visibility.

Weather agencies, including Environment Canada and the National Weather Service from the United States were predicting close to 30 centimetres, or a foot, of snow could hit the Estevan area.

The wind has caused considerably more than that to drift in areas around town.

The Estevan Police Service has been busy helping people who have gotten stuck.

The blizzard should end midday Saturday, with wind and snow dying down by the evening.

You can check the latest highway conditions here, and find more weather information here.

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