More people are getting prepared to travel this winter, with flights being booked rapidly.

As the cold weather approaches, many will end up looking to take a vacation to warmer locales in the south.

Since practically all COVID regulations have been lifted, it'll be the first holiday season that will be just as open as it was pre-pandemic.

Travel Advisor Denise Taylor says that the search for warmer air means that those resorts are quickly being filled up.

"It is looking very busy, resorts are filling up, if you are looking for places to go this winter this is the time to book because you might not have too many options, depending on where you're going."

Taylor chalks that up to an increase in demand, which comes from so many people not being able t go the last two years.

"People are wanting to go. They've been at home not going anyplace for almost the last two and a half years, so they are ready to go, and with the forecast of us having a cold winter, people are planning to have their vacations elsewhere this winter."

Taylor says that prices have been going sky-high for plane trips as well, as demand seems to be returning.

Cruise vacations also seem to be returning, after they were hit hard by COVID.

"Cruises are coming back big time," said Taylor, "People are cruising, and we are booked into 2023, 2024, and 2025 for cruises."

Taylor says that how long this travel rush lasts depends on numerous factors.