As the summer season arrives, mosquitoes are starting to impact people's activities here in the southeast. Our DiscoverEstevan team got some feedback from people around town on whether or not they've noticed the skeeters as the temperatures continue to rise.

"They're really bad out there so I just spent 21 bucks on a can of bug spray, because I'm guessing my back nine's not going to be any better than the front nine," said Mike Grobbink," in the midst of a golf round at TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club. 

Here are some of the other responses we got:

"Haven’t seen any yet, and I’ve been out fishing at Woodlawn and they haven’t bothered me."

"Covered in bites, windy days you don’t see them but the hours following a rain they're crazy."

"No mosquitoes, also haven't seen any bumble bees yet, maybe it is too early."

"Willow Park Greens area bugs are crazy."

"Saw one on the weekend in the Royal Heights neighborhood."

"Haven't seen more than five but have two bites so they must be stealthy this year."

"Been too windy to notice."

"They are crazy this year."

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