November is career month in Saskatchewan, and this will be the first one since the COVID pandemic where in-person events can be held freely without restrictions.

That means fewer online events and more getting out to communities and talking to students face-to-face.

Organizations such as the Southeast College are looking to develop those relationships to let students know what kind of options they have. 

Manager of Marketing and Communications Sheena Onrait says that it's great to be back in those communities.

"After a couple of years of not being able to go to our partner high schools or even being able to host career fairs at our own institutions, it has been absolutely fantastic to go out and be in high schools again, meeting with students, meeting with teachers, meeting parents, and talking about post-secondary."

While online events won't be relied on so much, they'll still be a tool that institutions can use to broaden their horizon and reach more students.

"I think there'll always be an aspect of virtual learning and a virtual connection," said Onrait, "It's just something that we've done and it's a part of who institutions are as a whole. I think it'll be a complimentary combination of both virtual and in-person."

They even plan to make an appearance at a local school this month, as part of the career fair at the Estevan Comprehensive School.

"We're really excited to be back in the local high school here in Estevan, and we will definitely be there that night. So we encourage all students and parents and everyone else to come out to that career fair," said Onrait, "It starts at 6:30 and is in the cafeteria at the ECS."