The Estevan Bruins, alongside Country 106.1 and, have found the thundering voice to call their games during the 2023-2024 SJHL Playoffs. 

Jamie Neugebauer will be the play-by-play host of the road games for Country 106.1 and DiscoverEstevan and home games with FloHockey. 

"It's a real honour. I really appreciate it. I know a bunch of the people that came before me calling games for the Estevan Bruins and for Country 106.1 in Golden West with the Bruins and the regular season playoffs. Obviously from Jeremy Corrigan, Nolan Kowal, Rob Mahon and the list goes on - they're all good friends of mine. So it's a real honour to kind of step into their shoes a little bit. I hope I can do as well and be as entertaining as all those guys because I look up to every single one."

Neugebauer is well connected throughout the hockey world and the SJHL as part of the league's Communications team. Though he's the voice of the Notre Dame Hounds, he has a level of admiration for Estevan and its hockey itself.  

"It's a team that, you know, have had some great battles with [the Hounds] over the years. Of course, with the beautiful rink that the Bruins have to the great talent and the success that they've had, that championship and the Centennial Cup hosting season a couple of years ago. Obviously a lot of admiration and respect for the Community, for the club and for the players that have played for them. [Also,] the job that Chris Lewgood did and then the job that Jason Tatarnic is doing now. I'm just really honoured and I've always felt very welcomed and at home. It's just been a wonderful time." 

"I know that Bruins logo means so much to everybody around Saskatchewan, let alone within Estevan itself, and I can't wait to get going and see how far this team can go." -Jamie Neugebauer on what's up ahead in the post-season for the Estevan Bruins.

Head Coach Jason Tatarnic is welcoming Jamie's voice and passion in the broadcast booth as the black and gold pursue the coveted SJHL championship title. "You know, Jamie and I have built up a good relationship here. [I'm] excited to have him. He does a good job, very passionate - and I know he's excited to join us. Definitely looking forward to it." 

"[Tatarnic's] just very supportive, he's plugged in, he's willing to give information and interviews, and I just find him such a treat to work with because he's excited and passionate about what I'm doing. And so it's a real big honour to have him as a friend first and foremost. I know he can coach a great hockey team and I have a lot of respect for him on the hockey side," Neugebauer added. "I think he and I get along very well professionally and I think it will only be positive when we're working in even closer quarters than we ever have before because, obviously, it's kind of been from an outside looking in for me."

Hockey fans can hear Jamie Neugebauer on Country 106.1,, and the DiscoverEstevan app starting on Friday, March 22, when the black and gold face the Melfort Mustangs in the first round of the SJHL Playoffs. The broadcast kicks off at 7:20pm.