The Canadian Grain Commission has implemented some new procedures with the PSAC strike continuing.

CGC head of communications Remi Gosselin says with 65 per cent of their employees out on strike operations have been significantly impacted.

"The CGC has been able to implement contingency plans to work with grain companies to identify priority cargo. So that those can continue and that grain exports can continue to flow from Canada."

He says there are about 140 grain inspectors across the country in Port locations that are currently on strike right now.

"The only grain inspection staff that we have working are some managers and inspection specialists that would work in regional offices throughout the country. Needless to say, CGC operations have been significantly impacted by the strike so far."

Gosselin says at this time, grain exports have continued because the CGC has been able to implement contingency plans, operations are just continuing at a slower pace.

"It's not an ideal situation but we've enabled grain companies (  to employ third-party inspection firms ) to collect samples on our behalf. We're continuing to certify shipments of grain and inspect those."

The 65 per cent of employees out on strike include 140-grain inspectors, as well as some internal support services.

To hear Glenda Lee's conversation with the CGC head of communications Remi Gosselin click on the link below.