The city of Estevan is updating its snow-clearing procedures to better anticipate the needs of the community.

New priorities were set near the start of 2023 after the Ministry of Highways gave the city more responsibilities when it came to clearing roads.

Now those are being updated further to reflect what the city needs.

In total, three changes will be made: 

  • The entirety of Larter Road will be upgraded from a Priority Three to a Priority Two
  • The downtown portion of 5th Street, between Souris Ave and 13th Ave, will be upgraded from a Priority Two to a Priority One.
  • The 900 block of Eva Street will be upgraded from a Priority Three to a Priority Two.

Townhouses would also now be part of an exception to a rule disallowing snow to be pushed onto the street.

These townhouses would be located along Larter Road, Morsky Drive, and Nicholson Road.

The addition of townhouses to the exception list would allow residents to comply with the 24-hour removal of snow by pushing that onto the roadway, and the upgraded priority levels would allow for it to then be removed from the area within 48 hours.