Support for Ukrainians continues to be seen in Estevan. The Legion presented $1,000 of clothing to local Ukrainians, that will make its way to citizens in the under-siege country.

Legion President Jim 'Frosty' Forrest said they purchased a large haul of items on Wednesday.

"We met with a couple of them yesterday and... presented them with the stuff we picked up," Forrest said. "It's a sad situation for them. They have family, children, grandchildren over there, that they don't really know what's happening with. It's devastating for them."

Items will be shipped to western Ukraine through shipping company Meest.

A number of places are also collecting goods - from clothing to non-perishable food - that will also be sent over through the Toronto-based company, which has been offering free shipping for aid to the Ukraine.

Those include, but aren't limited to, Senchuk Ford, Murray GM, the Polish Kitchen, the Estevan Fire Hall, V.S. Style Boutique, and Living Hope Church.

Forrest said a man he works with that is involved with Living Hope Church asked if the Legion could help store goods. Forrest hopes more service groups and companies continue hopping on board to help out. 

He said some of the conversations he's had with the local Ukrainian diaspora have been very heavy.

"It breaks your heart when you see particularly kids and old folks," said Forrest. "They've lost their homes, they've lost their livelihood, and let's face it, a lot of people lost their lives. We're on the humanitarian side of it. We just want to see people do a little something."

The Legion is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for goods to be dropped off. Forrest said you can also contact him to arrange something at 306-421-7772.