Responses to our DiscoverEstevan online survey indicate that people in the Estevan area are still struggling to cope with the high cost of living in 2023.

Just over 76 per cent of respondents said they have not noticed a difference in their day to day living expenses, despite the inflation rate coming down in January. About 23 per cent said they have noticed a difference.

"We seem to be going further into debt," wrote one respondent. "Everything costs so much and our pay cheques simply don't cover our expenses. We are relying on our credit cards more then ever."

"I have had to get a second job and now work 7 days a week and no time to see my children," wrote another.

Many others pointed to the price of gas and groceries still being the two biggest constraints, while others said they've had to cut down on travelling.


As of Monday, the price of gas in Estevan was hovering just under 140 cents per litre.

"Everything costs more! Groceries are outrageous! Gas is crazy! But wages never go up! I’m making the same wages as four years ago but everything is up at least 25 percent! Pretty soon won’t be able to eat," said another person responding to the survey.

We also asked how people are managing the high cost of groceries and the actions they've taken at the stores. The responses varied:

"Go grocery shopping less."

"Only buy what I need, less fresh produce."

"Have to shop sale items whenever possible and try to cut down on intake of meat."

"Switching to generic, no name brands."

"I haven't cut anything out, but I am more mindful of what I am buying and if it is necessary for the meal plan."

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