The Saskatchewan RCMP are asking anyone who purchased Wayne Gretzky memorabilia via an online 'buy-and-sell' since early November to report any transactions that were suspicious in nature.

Ahtahkakoop RCMP received a report of a theft on April 3 of a sizeable collection of items. They were reportedly being temporarily stored in a rural yard, and stolen between November 2021 and March 2022.

Among the items are the following:

  • 19 Wayne Gretzky jerseys, autographed
  • large Wayne Gretzky pictures and large painting, all autographed
  • autographed sticks
  • autographed pucks all in display cases
  • close to 10,000 cards including 2,200 of Wayne Gretzky, some autographed, and one framed Gretzky Rookie Card PSA 8
  • 1979 Mattel dolls still in boxes
  • Figurines, some autographed
  • Team Canada autographed photos

RCMP also want pawn and second-hand stores to be aware of the theft.