After last week's incident which killed a suspect and injured an EPS member, the organization has been taking time to help those affected.

Deputy Chief Murray Cowan provided a statement on what they've been doing since the incident.

“In light of last week's incidents involving both the homicide and incident that followed at the Estevan Police Service, our primary focus is on the well-being of everyone affected. This includes our families and the community."

"Comprehensive supports are being provided to everyone in our organization and those who are directly involved. Mental health resources have been made available to address the emotional toll associated to this event. Professional counseling services are being provided, and we are also providing peer support to each other. This includes ongoing check-ins as we navigate through this difficult time."

"I cannot say enough or express enough gratitude for the outpouring of support from our community. Every call, card, text, letter, etcetera has been truly valued. Nothing has gone unread. Our commitment to the safety as well as well-being of our community remains unwavering. We recognize the impact something like this has had on everyone and this includes past members of the Estevan Police Service. We are thinking of them as well." 

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