Break and enter

A male and female were arrested and items were seized following a report of a break and enter over the weekend in Estevan.

The Estevan Police Service said they were called about a break and enter to an apartment in the northwest part of town.

A search warrant was executed on a residence on Saturday and a male and a female were arrested. Police seized several items from the residence they believed were connected.

The male was on a no-contact order and was held in custody ahead of a court appearance on Monday. The female was released without charges until forensic investigators are able to examine the property that was seized.


Police clocked a vehicle going 144 kph in an 80-kph zone on Sunday.

A female driver was given a ticket for $955 and her vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Other weekend calls

Police also reported the following matters for Sunday:

  • Police received a complaint in relation to two neighbours having a dispute.  Police originally attended and spoke to the parties involved and mediated a resolution.  Police received further complaints and information about previous interactions.  The matter is still being investigated.
  • Police received a report of a hitchhiker on Highway 39 west of the city in the dark.  The complainant was concerned for their safety.  Police attended and were unable to locate the individual.

And these for Saturday:

  • Police were called to the northwest side of the City to a report of a vehicle that was parked blocking a driveway.  The vehicle was ticketed and towed so the property owners could leave for work.
  • Police received a call of a theft and threats being made.  The matter is under investigation.
  • Police received a report of a male that was breaching conditions of a previous release.  Charges are pending against the suspect in the matter.
  • Police arrested an Estevan female at a traffic stop as she was found to be in the vehicle with an individual that she is on no contact conditions with.  She was charged, processed and released.
  • Police were called to a city core apartment building to a report of mischief where someone poured some unknown liquid on the floor.  The building was evacuated, Fire attended to clear the building.  Tenants were allowed to return to their suites a short time later.  The matter is still under investigation.