The Estevan Area Literacy Group is set to embark on an exhilarating year of literary activities, with the highlight being the much-anticipated Battle of the Books on March 5 and 7.

The literacy program, originally founded in 2019, has experienced a surge in enthusiasm, with approximately 100 students eagerly signing up this year, marking a significant increase from the 60 participants in the previous edition.

Grace Caputo, the literacy coordinator with the Estevan Area Literacy Group, shared her insights into the program's growth during a recent interview on SUN 102. Caputo expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support from the community and highlighted the importance of fostering a love for reading among young minds.

"The Battle of the Books is fantastic. I can't brag enough about the program," Caputo remarked. The initiative, in partnership with local schools and the Estevan Public Library, caters to grades five through eight. Teams of students read a curated collection of books provided by the program, culminating in a March competition hosted at the previous year's winning school. The competition involves answering comprehensive questions about the books, with the winning team receiving prizes and the coveted honor of having their name engraved on the trophy.

Caputo emphasized the community's vital role in making the program a success, extending gratitude to schools, teachers, students, and sponsors such as the (Estevan) United Way, the Community Initiative Fund, and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.

"Without your donations to our local United Way, we wouldn't be able to have our programs. So, thank you very much.," Caputo added.

The Estevan Area Literacy Group is actively seeking volunteers to support their initiatives. Caputo encouraged interested individuals to reach out, underlining the significance of community engagement. Those interested in volunteering can contact the Estevan Area Literacy Group directly or get in touch with their children's school.

Looking beyond the Battle of the Books, Caputo provided a glimpse into the group's upcoming projects, including reading clubs with local schools, a financial literacy program set to launch this spring, and the Nature Smarts program, now rebranded as Summer Smarts, running for four weeks in the summer.

As the Estevan Area Literacy Group continues its mission to inspire young readers, the community eagerly awaits the unfolding literary adventures that will enrich the lives of children in Estevan.

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