Local author Taylor Kelly has released her first book “The Legatus Prophecy: Book One”.  

This is the first in a trilogy of dark romance novels.  

“It's about this girl and she's part of this ancient prophecy, where the Devil's son can be risen if she's sacrificed on a certain date, and so, the book is all about two brothers who are trying to keep her from that fate,” Kelly explained.  

With inspiration drawn by the Winchester Brothers, Kelly said that if you are a fan of the show Supernatural you will love this book. She does caution that it contains some adult content and themes.  

“I have been looking at this story for a very long time and I still am absolutely in love with these characters, so I really hope that other people sort of feel the same about them."

The story came to her one day in the form of a movie idea, but after she began writing it took on a life of its own and she turned it into a trilogy. 

Ten years after starting the trilogy she has now self-published her book through Amazon.  

Kelly said that she already has an idea for a second trilogy, but for now is working on finishing the third novel. 

Her debut book is available for purchase on Amazon, and she will have copies available to purchase around Estevan.

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