As the hockey season comes to an end, the U18 AAA Estevan Bears look toward the future, adding a few new players to their ranks for the 2024-2025 season.

The Bears Head Coach, Ryan Pilon, said that they are excited about the new class of players coming in.

“We have a little bit of mixed league experience and we’re really excited with the younger players coming in as well.”

With the success of the Bears this season, Pilon said that they will be able to take what they learned in playoffs and apply it to the next season as a whole.

“We're happy with the guys that were returning from last year's season, the experience that they went through and hopefully that mixes well with the other players.”

Pilon added that when it came to recruitment, they looked for players who are ready to compete and who are passionate about playing in Estevan.  

Now that the season has officially wrapped, the team will need to keep in top form over the summer.

“They’re all back at their home schools and look forward to hit the ground running in August.”

He added that there is one spot left to fill and they will host an ID camp at the end of the summer to complete the team.