Amidst the echoes of last year's success, where a remarkable $5,519,229 was raised for TeleMiracle 47, the Estevan Kinettes are gearing up for another impactful year. As TeleMiracle 48 approaches, the Kinettes are set to lead a series of community-driven events, dedicated to supporting this vital cause.

The Estevan Kinettes' annual online auction, entering its fourth year, is slated to run from January 31st to February 3rd. Krissy Wallman, Telemiracle club representative for the Estevan Kinettes, expressed heartfelt appreciation, stating, "The support from the community is just phenomenal." For those eager to contribute, detailed information about the auction can be found on their Facebook page.

In tandem with the online auction, the Estevan Kinettes will be active participants at the Estevan Bruins game on February 2, enhancing the excitement of the fundraising efforts. Wallman outlined a dynamic array of activities for the day, including the sale of helping hands, collection of personal donations, raffles, and the popular Chuck the Chuck-A-Puck.

Building on this momentum, the Estevan Kinettes are hosting their second Family Day movie at the Orpheum Theatre on February 19. Sponsored by Royal LePage Realty, the event promises an enjoyable experience for families, with admission set at $2.00. All proceeds from this event will contribute to TeleMiracle, aligning with the Kinettes' commitment to supporting medical initiatives within Saskatchewan.

For those seeking more information or looking to contribute, visit Estevan Kinettes Online Auction for TeleMiracle. To be an integral part of this impactful journey, consider joining the Estevan Kinettes Club, meeting every first Monday of the month.

With the approaching TeleMiracle 48, the Estevan Kinettes illuminate the path of collective giving, where every act counts. With all funds steadfastly remaining within Saskatchewan, the Estevan Kinettes champion the cause, inviting the community to join them in this meaningful endeavor.