The Estevan Legion held its annual truck raffle as 2023 kicked in, with multiple prizes given out.

That included the featured truck, which was given to Kay Carley from Carnduff. As well, $5,000 and $10,000 prizes were drawn.

This being the 6th annual truck raffle, the legion knows where the money's going and compared it to previous years.

While that's a bit lower, Legion President Frost Forrest says that they'll still have plenty for the organizations around town.

"The raffle was a little softer this year, we didn't sell near as many tickets as we did last year, but we still rate it as a success. It's a big part of our deal and the money we raise through the raffle is used to make donations throughout the community. The nursing home, Creighton Lodge, we make a donation to STARS every year."

Even with a bit less raised, the legion is likely to continue its annual raffle as any amount helps the community.

"I think we're going to continue it. It's still a success this year, and it's important to us to be a part of the community and help out in the community. Doing this fundraiser, we're able to do that on a decent scale."

"Some of the businesses that we were allowed into to sell tickets, Canadian Tire and Walmart, Room by Room Furniture, there was a number of other places that we went and they welcomed us and let them set up. Absolutely, it's a community thing and we get a tremendous amount of support from the community."

Forrest also thanked Senchuk Ford, who supplied the truck, along with the local radio stations that talked about the raffle.