Over the weekend the Estevan Motor Speedway settled multiple racing competitions last night during their championship races. 

Five different champions were named for numerous events, including:

  • 2023 Kendall's Supply LTD IMCA Modified Estevan Motor Speedway Track Champion - Travis Hagen
  • 2023 The Floor Store IMCA Stock Car Estevan Motor Speedway Track Champion - Chris Hortness
  • 2023 Goudy Transport Slingshot Estevan Motor Speedway Track Champion - Jacek Ashworth 
  • 2023 High Energy Performance IMCA Hobby Stock Estevan Motor Speedway Track Champion - Kyler Satran 
  • 2023 Energy Electric LTD IMCA Sport Mod Estevan Motor Speedway Track Champion - Robby Rosselli

Speedway President Brad Pierson says he felt the night went very well evenw ith some difficulties.

"We did have some challenges throughout the night, but you know, all in all, we had some really good racing and saw some really tight points battles in two of the classes specifically. But all in all we saw I think all the winners coming in, all but one retained their points leading and then in stock car, we saw the guy who was in second place overcome the 1st place driver."

After months of points races, Pierson says it was a great season for the Speedway.

"We've been very happy with this season as a whole. We got in all of our programs, a lot of our tracks that we work with have lost a lot of nights to rain and we didn't. We got all of our races in. I've always liked to see. more people in the stands, but as a whole I think we've had a really good year out at the Speedway and I think we should all be very proud of it."

There's still one race left this year, as the Estevan Motor Speedway will be hosting the Enduro Races Saturday, September 16.

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(Photos Courtesy of Brian Fichter)