Springtime may bring the excitement of bike rides, but safety remains paramount, especially for young cyclists. As temperatures rise, the Estevan Police Service underscores the importance of teaching kids proper bike safety. 

“Educate them as to what the traffic rules are in the areas that they’re riding in. Use of hand signals, and just overall awareness of traffic and what they can expect other vehicles, other users of the road to do,” said EPS Deputy Chief Warren Morrical.  

He also recommended teaching kids safe riding practices including riding predictably so all users of the road can remain safe. 

“Ensuring parents and adults are encouraging kids to ride in safe areas, that they’re supervised until those children are in a position they can safely ride on their own.” 

Morrical also stressed the importance of wearing the proper attire when riding a bike.  

“Starting off with the use of a helmet, ensure that every child is properly outfitted with a properly fitting helmet.” 

 Cyclists are also encouraged to wear high-visibility clothing and use reflective gear and flags.