People will be trading in their books for putters this weekend at the Estevan Public Library.

The library has set up a 9-hole mini golf course that weaves its way through the book shelves and uses books as boundaries along the floor.

"It's a quick little fundraiser, five dollars for adults and three dollars for anybody 12 and under," said library manager Jason Redshaw. "Nine holes...some of them are a little bit challenging. It is a lot of fun, so if you're ever imagining mini putting through the library with books as borders and everything, this is your opportunity."

Redshaw added that all of the funds will go towards programming at the library.

He says he even tried the course himself.

"A few of them (holes) are interesting. The tire one's a little bit hard...I might have made that one maybe a little bit too hard. But the rest of them are kind of fun," he said.

There's also a hole made out of bowling pins - a blend of golf and bowling.

All children who participate get prizes, and everyone who plays also gets entered into a grand prize draw

The library will be open all weekend and the mini golf will go until Sunday at 5 p.m.