At a special council meeting on Wednesday, the petition against the downtown revitalization project was deemed insufficient.

Mayor Roy Ludwig presented the results of the clerk’s report regarding the petition.

The petition required a minimum of 1,085 valid signatures. Out of the 1,491 signature lines filled in, 485 were found non-compliant.

The following entries were deemed insufficient and were excluded from the petition:

  • 140 addresses were incomplete, incorrect, or from outside the city of Estevan.

  • 273 entries lacked dates, making it impossible to confirm they were collected after March 13, 2024, as noted in the petition header.

  • 62 entries had illegible printed signatures.

  • One entry listed "Estevan" in the signature line, and another entry had two signatures on one line.

  • Three entries lacked a witness.

  • Five individuals signed the petition twice, resulting in five invalid signatures.

These exclusions left the petition with just 1,006 valid signatures.

"The petition, after examination by the city clerk, was found insufficient. As a result, the City Council does not have to take notice of it," said Ludwig.