For it's 100-year anniversary, the Royal Canadian Air Force is celebrating by lighting up multiple structures with blue lights, including in Estevan.  

The water tower will be lit starting tonight and remain blue for the remainder of the week. The RCAF is also hoping the lights will help hit another milestone.  

“They’re actually going to try and break a Guinness World Record for the most amount of structures, across Canada that are lit up blue,” said #30 Wylie-Mitchell Air Cadets training officer, Danielle Fleury.

“Currently over 300 landmarks in 20 countries are confirmed to be participating in the illumination campaign. In Canada, this includes the CN Tower, Montréal Tower, Calgary Tower, Vancouver Sails of Light, Esplanade Riel, and Niagara Falls. In the coming weeks, more landmarks and countries are expected to join the illumination campaign,” said a release from the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

While the Air Cadets are not directly affiliated with the RCAF, Fleury said that it does give cadets an introduction who may wish to become part of the Air Force in the future.  

“Through the air cadet program, cadets can actually receive their glider pilot and private power pilots license, and that sometimes stimulates an interest to go into the air force and become pilots in the air force, "said Fleury.  

Air cadets are also introduced to other career opportunities, explained Fleury. These include air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft engineering. Currently, there are around 40 cadets in the Estevan Branch.  

In addition to the potential career field, the cadets participate in drills, community service, effective speaking techniques, survival skills, and leadership opportunities.