As we bid farewell to 2023, the Perfect Pet Contest is back to celebrate the delightful companionship our furry friends bring into our lives. December's contest has attracted a charming array of pets, each with its unique qualities and endearing traits. Dawn Klassen from All Creatures faces the delightful challenge of selecting the perfect pet among these adorable nominees.

Tigger & Stitch

Tigger & StitchTigger (male) & Stitch (female) are brother and sister. After the loss of both our long lived kitties last year our hearts decided we needed to add some love to our family. They are such a great addition to our family.


PenelopePenelope is a black cat. She is also the most affectionate cat ever. She adores her family and wants to be in the spotlight with all the attention 24/7. ????


TeenyTeeny is a tabby cat. She loves to cuddle with people and is always wanting to play. She loves to cuddle with her family especially her siblings. 🥰


CheezieCheezie is an orange lovable tabby. He expecially loves his siblings and is always wanting to cuddle with them anytime. ❤️ Plus he is a excellent model lol.


BenHe is a devil in disguise. If you can't find your slipper or shoe ,he has it in his bed,with everything else you can't find.He likes chasing squirrels, birds,any tree branches for a toy. He is a chiweenie breed.


KyleeThis old girl is loyal to the soil. Been by our side protecting us and the kids for 13 years. Starting to slow down a bit but keeps our young pup in line.


MaggieNo need for an elf on the shelf with this girl hanging around. Always getting into things she shouldn’t be and making messes with the kids.

Rip and Vin

Rip and VinRip and Vin are father and son. Rip is 2 yr old and Vin is 8 months. They are red heelers.


DozeDoze is the perfect Bernese Mountain dog with such a gentle soul, who loves to cuddle the kids, play with his favorite squeaky cat toy, and make the cutest faces.


MaxLoves to cuddle, Loves to howl for treats and when hes mad at you. Loves to hug his moose.


JimmyJimmy is 6 months old mini Aussie x corgi. Big time mommas dog and torments his sister with any toy they can play and scrap with.


RoxyRoxy our English Springer ready for Xmas.


MikkiMikki is a 7 year old Mi-Ki. She loves snuggles - doesn't leave mom's side. She also loves dressing up. MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Mutant (Mew)

Mutant (Mew)Mew is a 3 month old kitten. During a 4-H horse riding event, my daughter Claira and her friend were putting their horse tack in the barn. Claira and her friend noticed some meowing that brought concern to the girls and searched to where the sound was coming from. Claira had found a 3 week old kitten that appeared to be very ill. Claira quickly acted and found a suspected mother cat. The kitten began to nurse off the mother and the mother swiped and hissed at the kitten. Claira said she needed to save the kitten. I agreed. We took the kitten back home and Claira began bathing the kitten and keeping him warm and bottle fed him. We all agreed in our family that this kitten would return to the farm to be a barn cat. He stole our hearts and when we told Claira he was officially her cat, she was bursting with tears and happiness. He is now 3 months old and doing well thanks to Claira.


JupiterJupiter must explore every shopping bag, empty or not. He got his head caught in the handle of his Sobeys bag in this photo, as he supports Estevan by shopping local. All around handsome boy, big cuddler but still 99.98% lunatic.


ChainsawHe got his name because he sounds like a chainsaw when he plays. He cry’s if he doesn’t get his puppy Advent calendar at same time as the girls. He is such a loving puppy if I sneeze or cough he comes running to make sure I’m ok lol.


StormiWe picked up a little boy kitty from the lake that someone left there then a few months after our friend was feeding a stray mother on his deck and she had kittens and he convinced my wife we needed another so my wife picked out Stormi cause she was so fluffy and adorable now she is the boss of 3 labs and her buddy boots.


HankHank loves to be in front of the camera, he believes he is the best present under the tree and that all gifts are for him. He's handsome and he knows it!


JaxHe is the biggest cuddle bug and a very gentle giant house dog.


MeowMeow is a 7 year old Persian cat. He enjoys laying in a sunny window in the winter, and laying on the air conditioning vets in the summer. We call him a dog cat because he fetches very well and does tricks for treats. He is very friendly, and loves to chase his sister Kitty. He loves getting the space above his nose scratched and any type of attention in general. He is an inside cat but he will go on a harness outdoors if it’s not too hot out. A fun fact: His name is meow - but he can’t meow out loud - his meow is silent.


MillieShe’s a darling girl who has eyes that melt your heart and a goofy manner that melts your soul. She’s definitely one of my soul dogs!

Lignite Louie

Lignite LouieLignite Louie, Lulu for short, is a one yr old goldendoodle. She loves her people so much and dislikes car rides. She can run like the wind but always comes back because she cannot live without her humans!

The festive season adds an extra layer of joy to this month's submissions, with pets showcasing their holiday spirit or perhaps their own version of winter wonderland adventures. From cozy indoor moments to frolics in the snow, these pets have found a place in the hearts of their owners.

The winner, chosen by Dawn Klassen, will be announced on January 2 during the 8 AM hour. The prize—a $100 value, with $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg—awaits the perfect pet that captures the essence of warmth, companionship, and holiday cheer.