Woodlawn Regional Park came alive with energy and excitement on Saturday as cyclists, runners, and walkers took to the trails for the annual Coal Country Run.

Peggy Rohatyn, the organizer of the event, was happy with how the day went.

“We had a good turnout. I don’t know the dollar value of what we made, but I think it was pretty good, and we’re happy,” she said.

There were 110 registered racers at this year’s event, with 30 mini milers joining in on the fun. Rohatyn said she was impressed with how fast everyone completed the race.

“We had a fellow complete the 10K in just 40 minutes. That’s pretty amazing. Then, somebody finished right behind him in 42 minutes, and these fellows are in the age group of 31 to 40, so they’re not even young kids,” she said.

She added that Ajax Longman was also a standout, completing the 5K in just 22 minutes.

“To watch them run is just amazing to see,” Rohatyn said.

Fast race times were not the only component that impressed Rohatyn. She explained that the event wouldn’t have worked without the help of the community, including Kevin Mortenson, who supplied the ice cream and bouncy castle, Southern Plains Co-op, which supplied the lunch, and the volunteers who helped with the setup and teardown and those who dressed up in costumes for the kids.

“We had absolutely the best volunteers out there, and the students, and everybody that came out. We just can’t appreciate them enough,” she said.