With the first day of classes passed for students and teachers, both are now getting ready for the rest of the school year.

A few changes come with the new year, including new faces in both faculty and students, along with new setups.

That's one of the reasons why Michelle Smart, the Principal of Pleasantdale School, was glad to see the first day went so well.

"The first day was wonderful, it was so good to see everyone's faces in the morning and we had a bunch of fun together. We had an assembly after morning recess and we introduced all of our new staff and students."

That concluded with a competition between the classes in the afternoon, and freezies afterwards.

Misty Big Eagle-Bayliss, the Principal at Westview School, says they had a busy day which was eased by a day to get organized last week.

"It was fantastic. We had our back-to-school barbecue, so kids were able to drop things ahead of time. Most of them came for that, then it made it easier for dropoff and getting to see all their new friends. We also had an abundance of new students come in and register yesterday, so classrooms are filling up here."

Smart says that the first few days will be for the kids to have a bit of fun, with more academic work coming later.

"Let's take some time to get to know each other, get settled in, do some fun activities, build some relationships right off the start, and just have a little fun this first week. There's lots of time to get down to the business that we will need to get down to here - reading, writing, and arithmetic."

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