The recent rainfall shouldn't have a major impact on the runoff in southeastern Saskatchewan, according to the Water Security Agency.

Sean Osmar with the WSA said their most recent reports indicate that most of the runoff has reached its peak, and that flooding at this point in the spring would be unlikely.

"In the southeast, we see a lot of the flows have largely peaked," Osmar said. "The runoff is largely underway, if not complete. There might be a few pockets of snow still left out there, but not much."

He added that localized flooding is still within the realm of possibility.

"We shouldn't see any flooding, we don't anticipate anything like that. But again, you know, we have seen a great deal of moisture in the last couple weeks, so it could combine in certain areas for some localized events," he said.

The wet weather could actually help with the moisture conditions, which have been dryer than normal in parts of the province.

"That will certainly help our moisture conditions, again particularly the south of the province where we're still a little bit below normal," Osmar said. "We're continuing to monitor, but we haven't received any reports in particular of any flooding."

More rain is in the forecast for the southeast region for the rest of the week.