The community of Redvers along with many farmers from the Southeast corner converged on the Redvers Ag Ex to see the latest innovations in the Agriculture industry. Brad Hutton Fire Chief for Redvers, Doug Bennett Deputy Fire Chief, along with all their other members gave a demonstration of being entrapped in grain.

Fire Chief Brad Hutton, "We did a demo for the Redvers Ag Ex committee, Farmers, and a bunch of school students came to watch as well. Just demonstrated how quickly you can get trapped in grain, our simulator literally pulls you right down and buries you in grain. Then we did a rescue with our great wall grain bin rescue equipment. Gave a good demonstration basically in a half hour what's going to happen."

"The force of the grain in these big bins, your body is majorly compressed. Once you take the pressure off, you're going to have blood clots and possibly suffer circulation issues. You don't want the person moving the less movement the better. Get them out of the grain, strap them to a stretcher so there is less movement."

Deputy Fire Chief Doug Bennett shares more, "Especially, if its an older farmer with a heart condition, if they come out and the blood starts flowing and clotting they could have cardiac issues and stuff like that too."

"The biggest message we want to get out is basically stay out of the bins," Hutton goes on to give an important reminder. "People going in thinking it's going to be a quick two-minute job, that's all the time it takes to get entrapped."