After last week brought average temperatures, this week will be a departure from that with a couple of peaks in terms of heat.

Tomorrow, an expected high of 32 degrees is being forecasted, with a similar forecast coming on Friday as well.

The days around those will drop down a bit, meaning the southeast will avoid any heat warnings.

The week will also be dry, contrary to last week's heavy storms, explains Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"It looks like it's too dry and the atmosphere is too stable. There might be a chance on the weekend, but we're running out of moisture. The crops have matured or are starting to mature, so that's kind of a big source of moisture and the storms use the moisture to form. So we're slowing down with respect to thunderstorms."

"It doesn't mean that they won't happen, they're just not as frequent. You got to get exactly the right setup for them to come along. So yeah, it doesn't look like too big of a chance, but more of a chance on the weekend."

Along with tomorrow's heat wave, some moke will also be overhead in the southeast, though Lang says that may not be overly heavy.

"Just with the amount of smoke that's around, I would think it'll just be that haziness, that's sort of been with us a lot of the summer just because there are so many fires to the west and northwest of the province that anytime there's a change in the wind direction, we tend to get a bit more smoke moving in."

While we've still got some summer heat, it's expected we'll be losing that as the average temperature slowly trails downwards into fall.

"Every day we're losing a little bit of heat because we're losing sun angle and length of day as well. The temperatures will slowly go down as we go into the fall and we're not expecting any massive ridges of high pressure to move in or anything like that. The pattern is really progressive, meaning we see lots of low-pressure systems moving through and a lot of waviness in the jet stream."

Lang reminds people to take care in the heat by wearing sunscreen and making sure they're hydrated.

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