City crews are still at work with freezing rain from the weekend looking like it's here to stay, with more to possibly come.

The weekend saw a sheet of ice coat most outdoor surfaces, causing more than a few slips initially.

Since then, salt and sand have been thrown out enough that most people can find even footing.

Roads and Drainage manager Norm Mack says that people should still be careful even with all the work that's happened.

"With the conditions, with the moisture in the air, what we need is a bit of sun to help us out. We use a granular mixture of salt and sand. We've been using straight salt and also liquid salt. We do urge people to drive with caution as the weather conditions, the temperature just in combination with the moisture in the air, it's just laying ice back on the streets."

Some streets haven't been worked on yet, as the city tends to focus on those most used first.

"Priority one streets, of course, are your 4th Street, Kensington, King Street, 13th Avenue, Souris North, among a few more. We prioritize them first," said Mack, "Then we go on to school zones for priority two, and priority three is residential, so we've been doing all three of them priorities and just patrolling the city and we'll keep applying salt."

Residents also have their own way of dealing with ice on their properties, with a bit of help from the City.

"We've placed salted sand and some gravel at the intersection of Souris and 6th Street right at the paper recycling depot. You'll see two piles of sand there, and citizens of Estevan, if you can bring a container," said Mack, "We can help you out. Grab some sand for your sidewalks, or for around your home."