Avast, me mateys! Gather 'round and hear the tale of how one man's knowledge of crabs won him a bounty of steak dinners at Blackbeard's Family Restaurant!

Our hero, Curtis, was a man of many talents. But perhaps his greatest skill was his knowledge of the creatures of the sea. So when he heard about Black Beard’s Trivia on Rock 106 having a question about crabs, he knew he had to give it a shot.

The question was a tricky one, but Curtis was well-prepared. What do you call a group of crabs? With great confidence, Curtis answered

“a consortium!”

To his great delight, Curtis was crowned the winner of the contest! And what was his prize, you ask? Four steak dinners at none other than Blackbeard's Family Restaurant!

Your chance to be the next landlubber to win Black Beard’s Trivia is coming up next Thursday or if that fails, any Thursday after that. 

Black Beard’s Trivia, Thursday mornings around 7:20 on Rock 106.