The Saskatchewan legislature ended their spring sitting last week, concerning topics such as the budget, firearms, mineral rights, and more.

Some of the standout pieces were passed over the last few months by the Sask Party, with support for some of the legislation also coming from the Saskatchewan NDP.

Estevan MLA Lori Carr feels like the government was able to get what needed to be done.

"I think it was fairly successful. We had some significant legislation that we passed - two of note being the Firearms Act and the Saskatchewan First Act. The Firearms Act was put in place to help ensure that our residents would be enabled to keep legal ownership of their firearms and then the Saskatchewan First Act was put in place to reassert the authority that our province already has. This act won't change any rights that any individuals in Saskatchewan already have."

"But I think for our constituency, [the legislation] of note is power production. It is the right of the province to decide how power will be provided so that actually leads us to the last item, which was the announcement of Saskatchewan's plan for electricity generation beyond 2035 and beyond. The goals put forward by the federal government to get net 0 by 2035 are unrealistic, unattainable, and quite frankly, something our province cannot afford."

There was also an item settled on in the spring that should help out those in Estevan.

"We passed the budget this spring and of note is that additional $1,000,000 for the continued planning of the new regional nursing home. I know that the needs assessment has been completed and we will be meeting with the committee this week to go over that and then the next steps would be the location and design of that building." 

This summer, Carr will be working on her portfolio of build and procurement.

"Capital planning is what we're doing, so just ensuring that all of those requests for proposals are brought forward in a timely manner. To ensure that construction can take place as quickly as possibly possible for all of our communities, whether they're building a school or a nursing home, whatever the case might be that it really can happen as fast as possible."

She'll also be chatting with some people in local communities during the summer, so she can get a handle on what's important for the area.

"I actually had the opportunity to reach out to each and every RM, town, and village within my constituency. Well over half of them have reached back and I'm going to be meeting with them one-on-one and it really is an opportunity to hear firsthand what those individual communities are seeing and maybe would like to see or what's going well, you know, just hear from them."